Top Angus embryos
for $Beef and

DHT SS Obj. ND 5050 Lena
Reg. AAA +16744998

Maternal sibs of embryos offered - up to $132 and $127 $B from two cow families.

Full Sibs are up to $128 $Beef and $44 $W. See these ET calves: 17794913, 17742592, 17742589, 17775113. Half sibs thru Lena up to $132 $B this is the number 3 female in the Angus breed for $B see 17744344, 17474238 and 17474236.

DHT 494 Concrete 545
Reg. AAA +17037256

Sire of Embryos: VAR Reserve 1111
Sire Reg. #: 16916944 $W $58 $B $112

Full sib to embryos offered to
$127 $B and $44 $W

DHT Concrete TenX Quee 664 ranks in the top 1% for WW, YW, $F, $B, $W and $QG top 2% or higher for Marb and $G. EPDs WW 74, YW 134 and $B $127 and $W of $44.

June Embryo Auction

First Lot Opens: 12:00 PM (CDT) 06-16-2014
Last Lot Closes: 8:00 PM (CDT) 06-24-2014

Matings from these sires:
V A R Reserve 1111
AAR Ten X 7008 SA
Connealy Consensus 7229
Rito 9Q13 of Rita 5F56 GHM
G A R New Design 5050
SS Objective T510 0T26
DHT 7170 Ten X Ada 656
Reg: AAA +17517330

DHT 7170 Ten X Ada 656
Reg: AAA +17517330

Progeny from this top Ten X, 7170 cow and 9Q13 offer breed leading genetics that may top the EPD charts. Ten X has proven his ability as well as 9Q13. The dam of Ten X Ada has proven her ability with these progeny 17474242. Ten X 653 with $122 $B, $41 $W with adjusted WW at 810 and adjusted yearling at 1567 pounds.

Driftwood Holding Trust offers elite embryos. DHT has an extremely exciting offering of extreme EPD embryos that are backed by elite high $ valued cattle with tremendous spread in their numbers. DHT has built one of the most progressive donor lineups in the country. These embryos will work in any seedstock operation and have a lasting impact on your program. The cattle are backed by proven AI Sires and the most proven cow families in the breed. The offspring from these embryos will make elite seedstock to build a program around or be very marketable in any given situation.


"Driftwood Holding Trust Angus Ranch and Sonny and C Huff have built this Angus breeding program upon a solid foundation, using the most proven, popular genetics available. The cattle represent a combination of Pedigree, EPDs, and Phenotype that make them very desirable to a wide range of breeding programs. These cattle have been bred, developed and thrived in the South Missouri Ozarks grassland and should do well in most any environment that they may go." Don Birk (Professional Livestock Photographer for 32 years.)




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