New top female to our herd: DHT 7170 Ten X Abbey 803 Reg #17959976      Cow $139 $B $61. $W

Discover the DHT difference with many of our Lena and 494 progeny with plus 1 or more Marb and RE with low Fat.

As reported by Robert Kunzig National Geographic. WTAMU scientist named Ty Lawrence. He's an expert on beef carcasses

The ideal rib eye in the American market is a marriage of opposites: It's richly marbled with internal fat to give it flavor, but it has only a thin layer of the back fat that no one wants. In the parlance of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it's both "prime" and "yield grade 1." Cows that produce such beef are rarer than nose tackles who are great dancers. Only three carcasses in 10,000 make the grade. Carcasses that are graded prime or choice, the USDA's second-best grade for beef. Doug Slattery, chief operating officer of 44 Farms says "such carcasses fetch premiums of up to $500 a head."

Paternal and Maternal siblings to embryos offered in the auction.

Full sibs to 556 and Denver embryos offered in the auction

Paternal sibs to embryos offered

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